Food and Feed supplies ,training , testing and Lab setup

We offer the broadest portfolio of any food testing lab and makes this unique offer available globally from any of our associated laboratories using optimized processes, logistics and IT. 

SOS Labs understands the importance of Analytical Testing to business performance and its sustainability. Keeping up to strict international standards, SOS Labs has developed rigorous processes and systems to ensure precision in all the following steps -:

1- Sampling - Standard procedures have been validated to ensure optimal sampling which would best suit the client situation with special focus on:

                                        Container, Instrument, Add on chemicals if any, Transportation, Storage.

2- TESTING - SOS Labs sticks to international standards with mechanisms designed for every individual test to minimize uncertainty levels. Proficiency testing is done at an inter laboratory level globally. SOS Labs ranks among the Top 20 testing laboratories in the world. Instruments and apparatuses used are calibrated through authorized world-class agencies.

3- DATA GENERATION - SOS Labs uses specially designed software to generate data in customized formats for better assessment. Data storage, backup & system maintenance ensure proper tracking.

4- INFERENCE - Strong industrial expertise combined with customized data generation enables SOS Labs to provide genuine direction forward rather than just testing results.

5- DECISION INPUT - A holistic solution is recommended by bringing together the knowledge and expertise from other engineering concerns in the group.

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