Company Principles , Vision and Values

  • Integrity of service through honesty, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to Quality and Customer service
  • Respect for all our team members, partners, customers, suppliers and all other people our business interacts with



To be seen as an Indian and International organization with a global perspective that has created an integrated, quality driven, customer sensitive, Contract Research and Testing centre, that is the most comprehensive of its kind across the globe.


Integrity making sure to build trust among customers.

We act with integrity and behave responsibly.

We abide by the rules, laws and regulations of the countries we are operating in.

We speak up.

We are confident enough to raise concerns and smart enough to consider any that are brought to us.


Quality to make sure we act and communicate responsibly.

  1. embody the SOS LAB brand and its independence in our everyday behaviour and attitude. are customer-focused and committed to excellence. We are always clear, concise and accurate. We strive to continually improve quality and promote transparency. We respect client confidentiality and individual privacy.


Quality is the foundation of our success and remains the core of our business processes.

Quality principles and practices are integrated into all our activities right from generating scientifically reliable and accurate data to customer service.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing priority with the aim of strengthening compliance and innovating solutions for our customers.

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